New York, New York!

Good morning 5A,

It’s the last day of our ‘Summer in the City’ theme and what better way is there but to end it with a song.

Even if you haven’t been to New York City, most likely, you will have heard about it. The city is so well-known that songs have been written about it. Arguably, one of the most popular is a song called ‘New York, New York’, which was recorded by a man named Frank Sinatra in 1980.

Click the video below to listen to the song.

Have you heard the song before? Did you like or dislike it?

What is Frank Sinatra singing about?

How successful do you think Frank Sinatra’s recording is in creating a picture of New York in your mind and why?

Can you try singing or writing the lyrics for a song about a city you would love to visit?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Send Someone A Postcard

Hello 5A,

Have you ever written or received a postcard?

Postcards are used to write to a friend or family member, usually, from a vacation. But they are sometimes used to write to someone who doesn’t live nearby.

At present, we all know that meeting up with some of our friends and loved ones just isn’t so simple. So, wouldn’t it be nice to send them a postcard and let them know we’re thinking of them?

Task: Design a postcard that you could send to a family member or friend, who you haven’t seen for a while. You could ask an adult if they have your friend or loved one’s home address and a stamp, and see if you can send them your cheerful message in the post.

  1. Cut out a piece of card size A5, or click here to print out a template onto card.
  2. Then draw a picture on the front of your card. Your drawing could be a city or seaside you would want to go to this summer. Feel free to get creative.
  3. Turn to the back of your postcard and draw a line dividing the card in half.
  4. On the left side of your postcard, write the date, London and a short personal message to let the recipient know how you are and how much you look forward to seeing them.
  5. On the right side, write the name and address of the person you are sending your postcard to.
  6. Finally, place a stamp at the top right of your postcard.

If you like, share a photo of your postcard on the blog. Nowadays, it’s important, more than ever, to let people know that they’re in your thoughts.

Expand Those Noun Phrases

Welcome back 5A,

What makes a letter interesting to read? The answer is expanded noun phrases.

That might not have been the answer you expected, but in other words, detail and description make our writing more exciting, and expanded noun phrases add detail to the noun by adding one or more adjectives.

For example: I spent the day playing in the warm, yellow sand. The adjectives warm and yellow describe the sand, which is the noun.


Task: I want you to imagine you are spending summer by the seaside, or on a tropical beach, and write a short letter to a family member or friend about your stay.

  1. Close your eyes and try to picture in your mind: Where are you? Who are you at the beach or seaside with? What is the weather like? What activities have you done whilst at the beach? What can you see, hear, feel, taste and smell?
  2. Use expanded noun phrases to describe the events you write about in your letter.

Your letter can be about a beach you have visited before, or an imaginary beach. Be creative with your sentences and share a photo of your finished postcard on the blog. I look forward to reading them.

Have fun!

Number Square Maths Teaser

Hello 5A,

It’s time for another maths teaser to start your Tuesday. Are you ready?

Here are nine numbers.

8     9     7     3     5     2     15     16     11

Can you arrange eight of the numbers in the blank squares below, so that the sides make the total shown in the circle?

You must use each number only once and each of the sides must total the numbers in the circles at one time.

Share your answers in the comments or click here to download a sheet that you can write on, and post a photo of your finished square.

Good luck!

Summer In The City Home Learning

Home Learning Pack 10

White Rose Maths Lessons

All reading, writing, maths and topic resources are available on the school website. Click here to explore.


Hello Year 5,

This week, we will continue our theme of Summer in the City. Click the links above to find more, fun reading, writing and topic activities to complete each day. Thank you to those of you who have shared posts and left comments on your class blogs last week. We look forward to seeing more amazing learning this week.

Your teachers are here to help. Just leave a message.

Drawing Skyscrapers

Welcome back 5A,

Do you recognise any of the London landmarks in these drawings?

Stephen Wiltshire is a London-born artist, who was born with autism, and is best known for drawing and painting life-like representations of cities and landmarks around the world – sometimes after having only observed them briefly. Some of his drawings cover metres of canvases up to 10 metres in length!

Task: Can you use the drawing techniques of Stephen Wiltshire and attempt a detailed drawing using just pencil?

I suggest you follow these steps:

  1. Choose the cityscape or landmark you wish to draw.
  2. Sketch the main buildings or features of the landmark using shapes like triangles, rectangles, ovals etc.
  3. Then, using the shapes as a guide, add more detail.
  4. Finally, experiment with pressure. Press your pencil hard to create darker lines, or angle your pencil and brush the side lightly across your paper to create shades of grey.

Your drawing can be of a famous landmark in London, or your favourite cityscape or building in a different country.

Give it a go and have fun!

Something To Reason With

Hello 5A,

A little maths practice each day will help you to steadily improve your skills, and I’d like to congratulate those of you who are completing your White Rose maths at home. Keep up the fantastic effort!

Today, here are two tasks:

  1. I want you to post a piece of White Rose learning that you have completed this week.
  2. Try to solve the 3 reasoning problems below. Explain the method you use to solve each problem, or answer fully in words where necessary, in the comments section and see if your friends methods match.


Problem 1

Problem 2


Problem 3


Have a go! I can’t wait to see your reasoning.


List The Names Of Cities from A – Z

Hello 5A,

To start you off this week’s blog activities we have a quick and fun task. Can you create an A to Z list of cities that you can find around the world?

Remember not to use the names of countries for example: America, Britain or Zimbabwe.

You could start with:


A: Amsterdam

B: Birmingham

C: Cádiz

D: …


Which city name would you list next? Have fun and share which cities you find in the comments.


Triangle Maths Teaser

Good morning 5A,

Here’s a maths brain teaser to start off your Tuesday.

Can you find the one rule that each of the triangles above use to produce the answer in the middle?

Tip: Use the numbers on each of the corners and consider the four operations + x – ÷

Which year 5 class can find the rule first? Share your answers in the comments and see if you can work together to beat the other classes.

Summer In The City Home Learning

Home Learning Pack 9

White Rose Maths Lessons

All reading, writing, maths and topic resources are available on the school website. Click here to explore.


Hello Year 5,

We hope you had a chance to enjoy the glorious sunshine this weekend.

It’s great to see and hear about so many of you engaging with the learning set each week and we are excited to begin another with our new home learning theme ‘Summer in the City’.

Click the links above to find daily reading, writing and topic activities to complete over this week. Maths learning is based on measuring, drawing and calculating angles. Use the videos linked above to help guide you with these skills.

We look forward to seeing more fantastic learning on your class blogs.

Don’t forget your teachers are here to help. Just leave a message.